Roasted Corn Salad

Roasted Corn Salad

  This is just a simple, no-fuss salad inspired by Esquites, the Mexican street corn salad. We love buying roasted corn off street carts as much as Mexicans, who also not surprisingly, like the salty, tangy flavours we crave so the recipe didn’t need to be adapted much.  I’ve substituted queso fresco, the  mildly sour-salty, […]

Bacon, orange marmalade, gorgonzola, rye bread, brrsta, fried onions

Fun in a Bun

My biggest purchase on my recent visit to Sri Lanka was bacon – I brought 3 kilos back with me. It’s one of the many reasons that I made a trip to Sri Lanka – to meet people I hadn’t in twenty years and to buy Keells bacon. This may sound […]

Spinach and Prawn Roll Chao Ban, Mumbai

Dim Sum Dinner at Chao Ban

I’ve visited Chao Ban twice in 6 months. When I visited in March at the invitation of their PR agency I didn’t expect much. I came away impressed. We’ve wanted to re-visit ever since and finally two nights ago we had a chance to go there for dinner. This time […]

Qureshi HT Brunch Imtiaz Qureshi sons

The Taste Makers: The Qureshis of Lucknow

An edited version of this article appeared in HT brunch on May 5, 2014. Link to the printed version available below Meet the Qureshis: India’s first family of Indian cuisine, whose recipe for success borrows as much from tradition as it does from good old-fashioned ingenuity One of the stories that Imtiaz Qureshi […]

Feijoa, Goa Sausage, Pav

Feijoa Sloppy Joe

Feijoa is one of my favourite foods. A Goan one-pot dish of Portuguese origin it’s ridiculously easy to make and can be eaten with either bread or rice. It also usually tastes better the next day. I discovered feijoa quite late in life; if I remember correctly I […]

Thali Janaseva Bhojanalay, Pune

Eating Pune 2014

Every year, for the last three years, The Girlfriend and I have been going on a week-long holiday to Pune. Much of the holiday, naturally, is devoted to eating and trying out as many restaurants as we can. Over the years we’ve realised that the places that we’ve […]

Steamed Dim Sum India Jones, Trident, Mumbai

Dim Sum lunch at India Jones

Great service, but disappointing dim sum It’s a been a while since I’ve eaten at India Jones. When it first opened I used to pop in quite often, usually joining chefs Manish Nambiar and Anthony Huang for a late lunch  after the kitchen closed. We’d sit at the […]

Mango Mania Gaggan, Bangkok

Dramatic Dinners at Gaggan

Last night, Gaggan was awarded the No 3 spot on the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia list. Here’s a  photo montage of two fantastic meals  that I had at the restaurant last year. You can read more about Gaggan in this article I did for GQ and in this piece […]

Pig soft toys at the Stuttgart Pig Museum

All About Pigs

It was the easiest decision to make: I could either go to the famous Mercedes-Benz museum, and just be one of the 700,000-plus visitors it receives annually, or I could visit the less popular Pig Museum, which attracts around 45,000 visitors every year. For an ardent pork lover […]

Pockets of Sunshine

Pockets of Sunshine

‘I’m sick, make me something to eat,’ says the girlfriend. Ordinarily, I’d make an elaborate sandwich or toss up a simple pasta, but this time I decide to try something exotic though I’m not sure why. Fortunately, there’s almost always a few eggs, sliced bread, a variety of cold […]

View of the entire restaurant

Konkan Café relaunched

The 15-year old Konkan Café at the Vivanta by Taj (previously Taj President) re-opened yesterday with a new look. Here’s a  look at the new interiors and a sampling of the menu. While the entire restaurant has been redesigned, a few dishes from the previous menu have been retained. […]

Dahi Misal

Dahi Misal

For a change here’s a recipe that I haven’t tweaked or experimented with; I’ve prepared it the way I remember eating it though it’s been quite a while since it was last made at home. It’s not a family recipe, but one that was taught to my mother […]

Brunch date with Master chef Gary

I Love The Honesty Of Indian Food: An interview with Gary Mehigan

Masterchef’s chubby chef Gary talks judging, eating, being nice, and living it up in his hometown EVERYBODY LOVES Gary. One of three permanent judges on Masterchef Australia and Junior Masterchef, the chubby chef has endeared himself to viewers across India with his happy laugh, tactfully worded advice and gentle encouragement to struggling contestants. He reminds us of that kindly uncle we all […]

Tortilla Soup in a Puri

Tortilla Soup in a Puri

I’m quite surprised at how little we use puffed puris apart from chaat. Millions of these hollow, spherical shells are consumed every day as paani puri, gol guppas and dahi puri. But not in any other form. Which is quite remarkable considering that it’s the perfect container for […]

Phad-Phak-Boong-Rai-Garn (Stir-Fried Morning Glory with Oyster SauceRuen Mallika, Bangkok

Royal feast at Ruen Mallika

Ruen Mallika is not easy to find. Set in a traditional Thai teak house the restaurant is tucked deep inside a little by lane off Sukumvit 22. Though it’s not really all that far away from the main hubs of city that tourists are more familiar with, it […]

Bibimbap-style Rice

Bibimbap-style Rice

It’s easy to fall in love with Dolsot Bibimbap. A beautiful, sunny egg yolk crowns the centre of thinly sliced beef and assorted lightly cooked vegetables arranged on a mound of sticky rice, in a heated stone bowl. You quickly mix the egg with the rice and vegetables […]

Chicken Ghee Roast

Dinner at Kurry Klub

Good food, confused service. Pungent and tangy, the Chicken Ghee Roast is the kind of dish you remember the next morning. Nice dramatic presentation with the banana leaf-lined plate sitting on a bowl containing live coals. Juicy, plump, fresh prawns in a sweetish thick coconut curry. Delicious. Not […]

36 month-aged Parma ham with wild rocket and Port marinated figs

Fabulous Tuscan dinner at Mezzo Mezzo

The intensely salty chopped black olives in olive oil were absolutely addictive. One of the highlights of the dinner. A perfect combination of salty ham, sweet figs, smoky-sweet arugula and bitter-sweet Parmesan flakes A delightful four-cheese pizza with the flavour of Gorgonzola lording over the mozzarella, Taleggio, and provolone. Loved […]

Mumbai's extreme restaurants

Mumbai’s Extreme Restaurants

Mumbai’s restaurants serve up some pretty interesting extremes. Sample some of these unusual distinctions The area with the most Indian cuisines Jawaharlal Nehru would be proud of Fort. Its restaurants serve 19 different Indian cuisines – the best example of gastronomic national integration in Mumbai. Results from show […]

Lijjat Taco with roast beef filling

11:30pm Lijjat Tacos

So once again girlfriend comes home at 11:30 in the night and says “Feed me!” There’s some smoked salmon in the freezer, and some Philly-style cream cheese and rocket leaves in the fridge.  The answer to the culinary dilemma of ‘What should I cook?’ seems simple enough. But […]

The New Boys' Toys GQ May 2012 Pg 1

The New Boys’ Toys

You’ve tricked out your study, your media room, your garage – so what’s next? Antoine Lewis introduces you to the new frontier: your kitchen. Let’s face it: men like toys. We may call them by other names: gadgets, appliances, tools, devices, instruments, implements, but they’re really just toys […]


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