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Antoine Lewis

Food and wine writer from Mumbai, India. Good cook. Good appetite. Like simple easy, recipes. Don’t have a sweet tooth, but love kala jamuns and chenna payesh. Have more frying pans, knives and bottles of olive oil than most Indian households. Two dogs, one girlfriend. Occasionally been compared to Anton Ego.

Pranzo, Romano's, JW Marriott Sahar

A year of eating

It’s been a good year in food. I’ve eaten at more than 150 restaurants, sailed on a cruise ship and spent time in Ireland, one of the countries on my bucket list. I got to meet three living legends; I was on a panel with Mark Kurlansky, the […]

The East rises in South Mumbai

Three new pan-Asian restaurants opened in Colaba in the last two months About four years ago I wrote about how Colaba, and the areas around Kala Ghoda, were once again becoming a dining destination. Since then, the number of restaurants opening has been increasing at a steady pace. Till […]