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Restaurant Review: Poetry by Love and Cheesecake

The long, glass-topped display in the centre of the room makes you instinctively stop and stare. Like sirens on a rock, each one calls out to you; will it be the red velvet cheesecake or the dainty lemon tarts? You could push past the temptation via the staircase at the back […]


Restaurant Review – Jamie’s Pizzeria doesn’t deliver

Jamie’s Pizzeria doesn’t deliver. And we’re not referring to the absence of a delivery service. Jamie’s doesn’t live up to the expectations of a restaurant from an international celebrity chef whose reputation is based on creating beautiful, rustic dishes from simple, but fresh, ingredients. What’s missing are those […]


Restaurant Review – Farmer & Sons is a pretty place serving tasty, farm fresh food

On a lucky day, you can catch a hot stock tip at Farmer & Sons, the restaurant that has replaced the mostly unloved Nico Bombay and which lies in the shadow of the Bombay Stock Exchange. Run by the same management, the restaurant looks the same and the […]


Restaurant Review: fusion flavours of Bombay Vintage

I always thought that no matter what you did to basa it would always come out soft and moist. That was until I ate the bassa involtini, with gassi sauce and tapioca risotto, at Bombay Vintage. The fish, wrapped around vegetables, was as dry and wiry as toothbrush […]


Restaurant Review: fancy bites at One Street Over

‘Try the Kelvinator, you’ll really like it,’ the bartender urges, as an alternative to the Negroni I’m eyeing. ‘It’s named after the chef.’ I’m a tad unsure, but I defer to his advice. For my companion, he suggests the Aperol Spritz. The fizzy, slightly bitter Spritz is too […]