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Sandwich with bacon, fried cheese and mashed potato

Bacon, Fried Cheese and Mashed Potato Sandwich

I invented the mashed potato sandwich, or at least my version of the mashed potato sandwich, after suffering a debilitating attack of jaundice. After my grandmother’s death, my mother went into a period of depression and stopped cooking. To my unbridled joy this meant restaurant food almost every […]


Fire and Ice Beef

A tub of gochujang, the Korean sweet-spicy fermented chilli paste, has been sitting in my fridge for years, silently mocking me every time I peered in. I had bullied a friend into buying a box, believing that I’d use it regularly. But I didn’t. And it sat there. Waiting. […]


Kewa Datshi My Way: A Spicy Potato and Cheese Soup

Last month, I was in Bhutan at the invitation of the Le Meridien, which has opened two new hotels in the country. The hotel in the capital, Thimphu, was opened in early 2014; the one in Paro, an hour away, is only about two months old. Landlocked Bhutan […]

Kaffir lime dressed prawns with a spicy, Amarula dressing

Kaffir Lime Prawns with a Spicy Amarula Coconut Shot

  I first tasted Amarula a few years ago. While I did enjoy it tremendously, my loyalty lay with another crème liqueur: Bailey’s Irish Cream. Bailey’s was a ‘soft’ liqueur; after a party when the liqueurs were being served this was the one that was offered to those […]

Corn Salad with dill and bacon

Easy Corn Salad

  I often make up recipes on the spot. As often I forget what I made and more importantly, especially when it comes out successfully, what I put into it. Fortunately, the partner-in-dine remembers, mostly, everything that I’ve cooked (and sometimes things I may or may not have said). And this Sunday afternoon, […]