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Kaffir lime dressed prawns with a spicy, Amarula dressing

Kaffir Lime Prawns with a Spicy Amarula Coconut Shot

  I first tasted Amarula a few years ago. While I did enjoy it tremendously, my loyalty lay with another crème liqueur: Bailey’s Irish Cream. Bailey’s was a ‘soft’ liqueur; after a party when the liqueurs were being served this was the one that was offered to those […]


Peach-Apricot and Orange Milkshake

The discovery of Mapro’s Peach-Apricot Crush has been somewhat fortuitous. In this heat I’m always looking for something cold to drink;  something more exciting than water  and less intoxicating and calorific than beer. I haven’t returned to cold coffee as yet, mostly because I’ve become a coffee snob […]