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Sandwich with bacon, fried cheese and mashed potato

Bacon, Fried Cheese and Mashed Potato Sandwich

I invented the mashed potato sandwich, or at least my version of the mashed potato sandwich, after suffering a debilitating attack of jaundice. After my grandmother’s death, my mother went into a period of depression and stopped cooking. To my unbridled joy this meant restaurant food almost every […]

Ham, Cheese, Apple and Arugula Sandwich

Ham, Cheese and Apple Sandwich

I knew what I was going to do with the apples even before I hung up the call from the rep from Washington Apples. One of my favourite sandwiches is my ham, cheese and apple sandwich. It’s a simple sandwich that is based on three well-established combinations: ham […]

Egg Foo Young

Mixed Seafood Foo Young Sandwich

I have an unhappy history with foo young. In my younger, wilder days when I thought I knew more than I did, I tried to make foo young. How difficult could it be I thought? I could cook Chinese pretty well and an omelet is not the trickiest thing […]

Bacon, orange marmalade, gorgonzola, rye bread, brrsta, fried onions

Fun in a Bun

My biggest purchase on my recent visit to Sri Lanka was bacon – I brought 3 kilos back with me. It’s one of the many reasons that I made a trip to Sri Lanka – to meet people I hadn’t in twenty years and to buy Keells bacon. This may sound […]


Sausage Firecacker Sub

Sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it. When it does,  a Tex-Mex influenced appetizer gets  stuffed into an Italian bread and is garnished with very Asian fried onions, fried garlic and fresh coriander.  And the entire  jumble results in a rather, rather tasty sandwich. The story starts […]