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Mad about Misal

Every once in a while we go through a phase when we crave a certain food. Only that particular combination of ingredients, of textures and flavours can satisfy our hunger and when we get so caught up with that peculiar craving we stop thinking about other foods. When […]

Hermit and the hidden Maratha

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again: Hermit Dacosta is a rock star. He knows the prices of all the fish in the market, the best time to buy bangda, who has the best prawns, which fish are better at Crawford Market versus Sassoon Dock. He knows who […]

Mutton Shawarma Carter's Express, Colaba

A quick meal at Carter’s Express

A popular Bandra restaurant rolls into Colaba Carter’s Express, which opened on 31st December in the space previously occupied by Café Moshe’s, is a branch of the re-branded Carter’s Blue chain, launched by Mezbaan on Carter Road. Mezbaan (popular for its mid-priced Mughlai food, shawarmas and rolls) and Café Coffee […]