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Hermit and the hidden Maratha

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again: Hermit Dacosta is a rock star. He knows the prices of all the fish in the market, the best time to buy bangda, who has the best prawns, which fish are better at Crawford Market versus Sassoon Dock. He knows who […]


Gomantak – an old-world seafood restaurant

It’s a lazy afternoon and I’m in the mood for some seafood. For a change, the partner-in-dine is also home on a Saturday and, more importantly, she’s awake at lunch time. The question, as always, is where? We’ve pretty much exhausted all the Konkani restaurants around Fort; Konkan […]


Restaurant Review: fusion flavours of Bombay Vintage

I always thought that no matter what you did to basa it would always come out soft and moist. That was until I ate the bassa involtini, with gassi sauce and tapioca risotto, at Bombay Vintage. The fish, wrapped around vegetables, was as dry and wiry as toothbrush […]


Fire and Ice Beef

A tub of gochujang, the Korean sweet-spicy fermented chilli paste, has been sitting in my fridge for years, silently mocking me every time I peered in. I had bullied a friend into buying a box, believing that I’d use it regularly. But I didn’t. And it sat there. Waiting. […]


A grand meal at India Jones

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to India Jones. The last time we went the food was quite a let-down and we weren’t inclined to return. However the partner-in-dine was in the mood for dim sum and we decide to give India Jones a second chance […]