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A year in food

This was an exceptionally good food year for me and these were some of the best things I ate in 2015 January February March April May June July August September October November December Advertisements

An Australian piccolo latte

An eclectic brew in Melbourne

In this Australian city, coffee is a religion, one that can be bitter and intense, or light and frothy, depending on personal taste On my first morning in Melbourne I get a sense of why the city is the coffee capital of Australia. We’ve headed over to the Artisan […]


Mornington: taking the Masterchef trail around Melbourne

While there’s plenty to keep you occupied in Melbourne, there’s plenty more to do in the areas around the city says Antoine Lewis While Melbourne city sits at the northernmost part of the oval-shaped Port Phillip Bay, at the mouth of the Yarra River, the Greater Melbourne area […]


I Love The Honesty Of Indian Food: An interview with Gary Mehigan

Masterchef’s chubby chef Gary talks judging, eating, being nice, and living it up in his hometown EVERYBODY LOVES Gary. One of three permanent judges on Masterchef Australia and Junior Masterchef, the chubby chef has endeared himself to viewers across India with his happy laugh, tactfully worded advice and gentle encouragement to struggling contestants. He reminds us of that kindly uncle we all […]