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Choriz Pao Monkey Bar, Mumbai

Why are chorizo sausages popping up across menus all over the city?

  One of the most popular dishes at the newly opened Fatty Bao, the Asian gastropub in Bandra, is the Fatty Oyster. The oysters are served on the shell. You scoop out the oyster with its toppings, take a bite and wait for the layers of flavours and […]

Kheema Bao Monkey Bar, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: Monkey Bar, inventive, but hit-and-miss

At 7.30 on a Saturday evening, there’s barely a table available. By 8.30 pm, there’s standing room only. By 9.30 pm, people are dancing to ’80s classics where they stand. Monkey Bar has a warm, casual vibe and feels more like you’re at a friend’s house party than […]


Posh Goes The Burger

With the best cuts of meat, exotic cheeses and the freshet of greens, the humble burger gets bragging rights. Antoine Lewis digs into the culinary world’s latest fixation Published Vogue India Dec 2013 Advertisements


The Best New Restaurants In India

As we’ve heard many a top chef say, India’s fine-dining market is still nascent – but the good news is, there’s plenty of room to grow. And grow it has: from an offbeat French Canadian café to a Modern Spanish outpost to a specialized Anglo-Indian eatery, we journeyed […]