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Pranzo, Romano's, JW Marriott Sahar

A year of eating

It’s been a good year in food. I’ve eaten at more than 150 restaurants, sailed on a cruise ship and spent time in Ireland, one of the countries on my bucket list. I got to meet three living legends; I was on a panel with Mark Kurlansky, the […]

Meal at Miso, Gurgaon

A happy meal at Gurgaon’s Korean restaurant Miso

Let’s start by setting the record straight. Every website, except Google, and Delhi-based publication has incorrectly listed the restaurant as Di Miso. The name of the restaurant is Miso which means smile in Korean. It has nothing to do with the popular Japanese soy-paste. Miso does not even […]


Hermit and the hidden Maratha

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again: Hermit Dacosta is a rock star. He knows the prices of all the fish in the market, the best time to buy bangda, who has the best prawns, which fish are better at Crawford Market versus Sassoon Dock. He knows who […]


Gomantak – an old-world seafood restaurant

It’s a lazy afternoon and I’m in the mood for some seafood. For a change, the partner-in-dine is also home on a Saturday and, more importantly, she’s awake at lunch time. The question, as always, is where? We’ve pretty much exhausted all the Konkani restaurants around Fort; Konkan […]

Choriz “Bunny" Pao - Goan sausage and broad beans stew with pui saag The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

Restaurant review: Global Desi at The Bombay Canteen

Our meal starts with desi tacos: small methi theplas on which are arranged large spoonfuls of Goan pulled pork vindaloo, garnished with a cube of ivory white, crispy pork skin. Though the tartness and pungency of a vindaloo is barely discernible, the skin provides a welcome crunchiness. The […]