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Capturing the Castle

About a fortnight ago my classmates from school got together for a small celebration. About half way through the evening, we separated into two groups: three-fourths of the group were talking about sex and the other one-fourth discussed food and new restaurants. (No points for guessing at which […]


A first for India, tasting Bordeaux’s finest

Thursday was a historic day for the wine trade in India. For the first time, since it came into existence in 1973, the Union des Grand Crus des Bordeaux (UGCB), a collective of the top wineries of Bordeaux, presented their wines for tasting in the country, at the […]

Beef Pho Vietnamese Festival, Pondicherry Cafe, Sofitel, Mumbai

Vietnamese Food Festival at Pondicherry Cafe, Sofitel

Vietnamese is one of the many international cuisines that have been dancing around the periphery of Mumbai’s attention. Along with Korean, it’s been lingering on the edge of the spotlight for a few years now, patiently waiting for its chance to move centre stage. But that’s some way […]

Trevedi Dal Tuskers, Sofitel, BKC

Palanpur Food Festival at Tuskers, Sofitel

The Palanpur Food Festival, which was held at Tuskers, last month, gave me a good reason to visit the sole restaurant at the Sofitel, BKC that I hadn’t visited before. While the spread at Pondicherry Cafe, the all-day dining restaurant, is always enticing, it’s Jyran, the underrated North West Frontier Indian restaurant […]


The Best New Restaurants In India

As we’ve heard many a top chef say, India’s fine-dining market is still nascent – but the good news is, there’s plenty of room to grow. And grow it has: from an offbeat French Canadian café to a Modern Spanish outpost to a specialized Anglo-Indian eatery, we journeyed […]